Docker Compose

Docker is a great way to containerize and run an application. However, these days, applications are complicated and may involve several components and dependent applications. Communicating these dependencies and providing instructions to run them can be tricky at times. Docker Compose provides a way to define and run multi-container applications easily. It involves putting all the required information in a predefined format in a file called docker-compose.yml and then calling the docker-compose up which reads the compose file and create the containers.

Installing Docker Compose

Docker Compose is distributed as a binary and can be downloaded from Docker's Github account. Instruction to download and run the docker-compose binary can be obtained from the releases page. Usually just downloading the binary and setting executable permission works. Let us write a simple compose file.

  image: adimania/owncloud9-centos7
    - 80:80
    - mysql
  image: mysql
    - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw
    - MYSQL_DATABASE=owncloud

This compose file uses two images, ownCloud and mysql. The ownCloud container is linked with mysql container. So the mysql container would be reachable from the ownCloud container via hostname mysql. Let us execute this compose file

$ sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up

This will start both the containers with right parameters. An exhaustive documentation on Docker Compose is available on Docker's website.